Developed by VVCE Students

We are a team of students from VVCE, Ganya and Vishruth from CSE, Sheethal.S, Sanjana Srinath and Sushma Ganesh from ISE and Yogesh.G from EC came together with Mr.Mohan Kumar who is currently working at Infosys, to implement a web development start-up. We started from scratch by learning, exploring, experimenting and creating a few new websites, when we were all confident enough we finally started our venture called ‘TECHLANCE SOFTWARE’.

We came across an article which had public opinions regarding the need of informative website related to COVID-19 just like Bengaluru has its own. Then we decided to design a website for Mysuru and approached Mysuru District Administration with our idea. We got positive responses and they came forward to help us by providing verified data. And thus we started designing We tried different designs to ensure that our website is efficient and user -friendly. It took us a span of 1 week to complete the whole website. As we received information from the Mysore City Administration, we took the initiative of verifying those information by contacting them personally to make sure that our information is up to date

The website provides complete information regarding COVID-19 like bed details, oxygen availability, remdesivir availability, vaccination centres and much more.We also have an option for people who are willing to volunteer in providing information,field work,medical consultation and source verification.

Once the website was complete,we approached principal of VVCE Dr. B Sadashive Gowda to launch our website.The moment he heard about our website,he Wholeheartedly agreed to launch our website in presence of all the HODs and deans of the college. The principal launched our website on 11th may at 3pm through google meet.

As our motto says “SARVE SANTU NIRAMAYAAH” Let all of us be free from illness. We started this with a motive of giving our best to help people in fighting against this pandemic through digital platforms. We hope our aim of reaching everyone in need would be fulfilled.


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