VERGE – Vidyavardhaka Electrical Research Group for Excellence


  1. To make students to get involved in the research process
  2. To enhance the oral and written communication of the students.
  3. To make students to understand as to how pick up a problem and work on it to give solution.
  4. To give the preparedness among the students to write effective research paper and present the same in conferences
  5. To prepare the students to get involved themselves in writing paper for research journals.


  1. Organize a talk on “How to write an effective research paper” was arranged for the students after the inauguration which was handled by Dr. K G Basavakumar, Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department, RNSIT, Bengaluru.
  2. A webinar on applications of Application of Mathematics in Electrical Engineering is organized on 28.06.2020 under this research club.
Faculty Coordinator

Dr. Rashmi S
+91 98447 91760

Anoop H A
+91 81057 37405

Student Coordinator

Harshith Gowda KS
+91 73535 93814

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