To work on various innovative ideas which will bestow creative minds, thinking patterns of upcoming engineer and to deal with changing and dynamic technology.


Creating socio-responsible application knowledge to face the challenges outside the campus to deliver a high quality student centered support hub and conducting activities to enhance their interpersonal skills.


  • Provide an effective support to improve student’s technical knowledge
  • Encourage and improve students participation in college activities
  • Fostering a responsible sharing of knowledge using different tools of communication and personal interactions
  • Provide opportunities to explore students talent in cognitive and technical skills


  1. Workshop on “Simulation and Analysis of Electrical Networks using simulink” for 3rd sem students.
  2. Five days workshop on “Simulink” for 5th sem students
Faculty Coordinator

Praveena K S
+91 89707 87292

Student Coordinator

Kavya M S
+91 90662 04463

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CET Code: E071 | COMED-K Code: E147
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