The Department Of Sports

Physical education was started in year 1997 VVCE of Mysore has been striving for excellence and sponsoring varieties of activities for students. The wholesome development of personality and promote health among students and faculties. Sports and games are one such a promoted by our sportination club among physical health, mental health, and emotional health of the students.


  • Health for all.
  • Fitness for sports now and better living later.
  • Enhancement of sports standard.


  •  To Inculcate healthy habits among the students who frequent the sports. grounds.(Involve themselves in sports)
  • To motivate sports persons and non sports persons to work towards increased physical fitness.
  • Fitness helps students to perform better in sports today and discharge their duties well in society later grooming individuals to be better citizens.
  • To provide systematic and scientific sports practices.
  • To help salvage the prestige of the nation in international sports contests.
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