Open Source Community

An open-source community club fosters collaboration, innovation, learning, and growth within the student community. Here are some common objectives that the OSC club aims for:


  • Promotion of Open Source Software (OSS): Advocate for the adoption and use of open-source software by educating students about its benefits and providing resources for its implementation.
  • Collaboration and Networking: Facilitate connections among student developers, contributors, and enthusiasts to encourage collaboration on open-source projects. Organize events, meetups, Hackathons, and workshops to promote networking.
  • Skill Development and Mentoring: Offer educational resources, tutorials, workshops, and mentorship programs to help students learn new skills, coding languages, and best practices in open-source development.
  • Project Incubation and Peer Support: Provide a platform for incubating and supporting new open-source projects. Offer guidance, infrastructure, and mentorship to help these projects grow and thrive.

Faculty Coordinators

  1. R Kasturi Rangan
    +91 96323 11432

Student Coordinators

  • Lakith Gowda K
  • Jagruth K Raj
Admissions for 2021-22 now open.
CET Code: E071 | COMED-K Code: E147
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