IEEE Computer Society Student Chapter

VVCE Mysore, IEEE Computer Society Student Chapter – SBC63251C

VVCE Mysore, IEEE Computer Society Student Chapter aims to provide a wide range of opportunities for both technical aspirants and for the ones who want to pursue research.

Our Missions:

1.To provide the best possible resources by bringing professionals from the technical spectra closer to the student community.

2.To inculcate professional ethics, communication, and leadership skills to meet industrial and societal needs.

3.To Bridge the gap between the industry and academia through the means of Hackathons, seminars, workshops, etc.

4.To introduce students to the current trends in the scientific world by providing multidisciplinary and interpersonal activities.

5.To empower passionate people to accomplish goals in their specific domain.

Computer Society  Student Chapter was inaugurated on 13th March 2021 by Dr Vishwas Lakkundi,   Chair, IEEE Computer Society Bangalore Chapter and Sri. Pramod Kumar P who is a manager at IEEE Indian Office.  Some of the major activities conducted during 2021 are 

  • “FDP” (Faculty Development Program) dated 8th-10th April 2021, on “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS AND PATENTS” .This was sponsored by Karnataka State Higher Education Council.
  • POSTER PRESENTATION” dated 22nd April 2021. It was done on the occasion of “EARTH DAY” As a contribution to mother earth’s celebration.
  • Webinar on “EMERGING TRENDS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE dated” on 3rd May 2021. The Speaker was “Narayanan Subramaniam” who is a senior director of engineering and principal architecture in hybrid cloud management also an Excom member of IEEE Computer Society Bangalore Chapter.
  • CAREER GUIDANCE” dated 4th May 2021. The Speaker was Srikanth Prabhu who is a distinguished academician in the department of computer science and engineering, MIT, Manipal. He is also an Excom member of the IEEE Computer Society Student Chapter.
  • NATIONAL LEVEL PANEL DISCUSSION” dated on 21st May 2021, Panel Members are eminent industry experts.
  • “Mobile Application Development using FLUTTER” dated 26-28 May 2021, The workshop was for 3 days conducted  in collaboration with Dlithe, Bangalore.
  • “Online Coding Competition” Dated on 14th- 15th JUNE 2021
  • : “NATIONAL LEVEL IDEATHON -2021 on Data Science” Dated on 28th-29th June 2021 A lot of reputed colleges like IIIT Dharwad, Manipal, SJCE, BMSIT,  and others  were a part of this thoughtful and knowledgeable journey. 80+ teams where part of this journey.
  • “CYBER LITERACY” in collaboration with “REVERSE ENGINEERING INFOSEC”, three days workshop dated 14th – 16th July 2021
  • Outreach 1” dated 24th august 2021. It was a social event where we made 8th, 9th, and 10th-grade kids learn about design thinking, Public speaking, and also about mental health in the presence of our college counselor.
  • IEEE Day Celebration” dated 8th October 2021. This event was in collaboration with the power and electronics chapter from VVCE
  • Natural Language Processing workshop” dated on 12th November 2021
  • Webinar on Student Project Funding” dated 14th December 2021
  • Hands-on workshop on Cyber Security” dated 7th December 2021
  • Webinar On Projects In Recent Technology And Patenting
  • VVCE, IEEE  CS Student Chapter received a funds from CS HQ, USA and also from CS Bangalore chapter during the year 2021.
  • VVCE, IEEE  CS Student Chapter submitted four proposals for various  funds from IEEE CS HQ, USA.

Office Bearers

  1. Ms. Shree Raksha G M – Chair
  2. Mr. Swaroop S – Vice Chair
  3. Ms. Sowndarya Spoorthi B – Secretary
  4. Mr. Samarth Bedre – Joint Secretary
  5. Ms. Shivani M N – Treasurer.

Faculty Advisors

  1. Dr Ravi Kumar V
  2. Dr Ramakrishna Hegde
  3. Dr Aditya C R
  4. Ms. Chethana H T
  5. Ms. Harshitha K
  6. Ms. Anusha K S

Annual Report


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