Distinguished Lecture

Expert talk is arranged for VII semester topic was “BIG DATA ANALYTICS” by Sundar K S, Associate Vice President, Infosys , Mysore on 26-09-2023.

Organized Distinguished Lecture on “Biomedical Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition for Medical Diagnosis and Rehabilitation” on 12th October 2023, Dr. Krishnan C M C Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering NITK, Surathkal, Mangalore.

Organized Expert talk for III & I semester by Sundar KS, Associate Vice President, Infosys, Mysuru 09-11-2023.

Motivational talk arranged for our all semester students by K, Ananthram held on  13-12-2023

Distinguish lecture on ” Transformers and Induction machines ” from Mr Rangarajan superintendent Engineer, KPTCL, Mysore Held on 20-12-2023.

Organized distinguish lecture “Dynamic Voltage Restorer” , by Dr. Karthikeyan A, Associate Professor, NITK, Surathkal on  01-01-2024

Expert Talk was conducted by V semester students  by Sundar K S, Associate President, Infosys, Mysuru on 29-12-2023

Organised distinguish lecture on “Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology” by Sham Sundar, Head, NIE-  Centre For Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technologies( NIE-CREST), & Associate. Professor, Department Of Mechanical Engineering, The National Institute Of Engineering( NIE),   MYSORE on  08-01-2023.

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