Dept of CSE Students develop app to help Jayadeva Hospital patients consult doctors virtually

Group of students from Dept of CSE, Manoj Atreya A, Parikshith H, Naga Rajath S M, have helped patients get close to the doctors through this app. As computer science students, it was right up their alley, but they had their fair share of impediments along the way.

Our Principal Dr. B Sadashive Gowda says, “We are very happy to have associated ourselves with Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences. This project has helped us bridge the connection between the technology institutes and healthcare which is very much needed. We believe that academic institutions work very closely with the healthcare sector so that it benefits the society at large. We would like to work very closely with the healthcare sector to address those problems that need local solutions. It also helps students gain exposure and experience on finding solutions for problems of the society. We are open for such associations to help various institutions address societal problems using technology.”

The app is said to save patients from visiting hospitals for frequent consultation with doctors. Virtual consultation helps patients to connect with the doctors with just one message on the app from the comfort of their homes.

“Patients can also share their reports with the doctors through the same app. Along with helping virtual consultation, the app provides learning materials to its users that guide them on dos and don’ts, exercise etc. Also keeping network issues that people from rural areas face, the app has been developed using optimum technology. It allows people to use it even with 2G networks. This helps people from the remotest areas too to use the app even when they have a 2G network. The app allows the users to use it either in English or in Kannada languages” said Manoj Atreya A, a team member and a UG scholar, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, Mysuru.

As it was reported that hospitals from other parts of Karnataka too are facing problems as many of their clients from rural areas are finding it hard to visit doctors at regular intervals. The college management claims it is receiving requests from other hospitals too and will continue taking up such initiatives in future.

Dr Gururaj said “We took this project with an aim to support the society. Initially when we received a request from Jayadeva hospital, we developed a sample application where only 10 – 15 users could use it. Now the app has been developed in a way that it could be used by a greater number of people. As of now over 200 users are using the app and a greater number of users can use it too. It costs a lot of money to design such applications. We worked on this project without any commercial intentions so that the public could derive the best of its benefits.”

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