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The Department of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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  • BE in CSE (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning ) – 60 Intake
  • BE in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – 60 Intake

Is for students...

who are innovative thinkers and for those who want to master the world of technology. Students should have strong mathematical and analytical skills to understand how digital technologies can be used as drivers of innovation. This course provides a cutting-edge exploration of programming, mathematics, and analytics to create out-of-the-box designs with digital technologies necessary to drive innovation across borders and sectors.

Why Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new and upcoming program in the area of computer science that is rapidly expanding its boundaries to variety of fields like healthcare, security, entertainment, education, autonomous transportation, intelligent robots, space exploration, speech processing, stock trading and many more. AI and its applications have brought significant changes in our lives. AI tries to bring in intelligence into machines artificially by mimicking the human intelligence. Machine learning (ML) is an application of AI that tries to build self-learning ability into the machines. AI and ML are important drivers of digital transformation and have created plenty of job opportunities. There is a huge demand for skilled engineers trained in these technologies. A Degree in this program is valuable and makes the student industry relevant.

Course Overview

We offer a 4 year B.E program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning which covers fundamentals of computer science courses along with necessary courses pertaining to AI and ML. This course helps to gain primary knowledge and skills in mathematics, network
architectures. computer vision, programming, ,communication networks, and machine learning subjects such as, natural language processing, image analysis, text analytics and
their applications in areas from vision to automated reasoning where machine learning techniques are applicable.

First year – The students study the subjects that are common to all the engineering

Second year – Core subjects in Computer Science such as Data Structures, Computer Organization, Data communication and Computer Networks, Discrete Mathematics, Automata Theory, Analysis and Design of Algorithms, Signals and Linear Systems, Operating Systems, Database Management, AI with Python etc.

Third and fourth year consists of advanced subjects pertaining to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning such as Machine Leaning with Deep Learning, Computer graphics and Visualization, Big Data, Advanced statistics, Image processing, Pattern recognition, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Reinforcement Learning etc. The course includes mini project, internship and major projects.

Career Opportunities

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning has created several roles like Data Engineer, Automation and Optimization Engineer, Natural Language Processing Scientist, Game developer, Robotics Professional, Research Scientist, Machine Learning developer, AI Consultant, Machine Learning Architect for expert professional in major organizations.

department vision

To develop competent and socially responsible engineers in the domain of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for noteworthy contributions to the society.


department MISSION

  1. Provide profound learning through proficient staff and state of the art infrastructure
  2. Promote professional environment to imbibe ethical values and entrepreneurial skills
  3. Encourage research & development by emphasizing on innovation
  4. Facilitate Industry-Institute collaboration for mutual benefit



Dr. Vinutha D C
Professor & Head B.E., M.Tech, Ph.D.

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