Corporate and International Affairs Committee

Collaboration between industry and academia offers a fusion of practical expertise and academic rigor to organizations. The primary goal of the committee is to bridge the gap between academia and industry by understanding and addressing the industrial needs of the region. This involves providing industrial exposure to faculty and students to align their knowledge with industrial practices. Efforts include identifying industrial partners for establishing Centers of Excellence, organizing collaborative workshops and conferences, and facilitating joint projects and dissertation work supervised by both faculty and industry experts. Additionally, faculty expertise is leveraged to offer consultancy and solve industry challenges, while in-plant training opportunities are provided for students to gain practical experience.

The advancement of higher education through international collaboration encompasses various facets aimed at enriching academic experiences and fostering cross-cultural understanding. This includes the establishment of Collaborative Academic Programs, like 4+1 programs and dual degree initiatives, which offer students diverse educational pathways. Facilitating the Exchange of academic and administrative staff and students enhances cultural exchange and promotes knowledge sharing. Cooperation in Research, through joint projects, amplifies the collective intellectual capacity and promotes innovation. Furthermore, the Exchange of academic materials, publications, and scientific information facilitates access to a wider pool of resources, enriching scholarly pursuits. Collaboration extends to auxiliary services like libraries, where resources and staff are shared to bolster academic support. Beyond these, a myriad of Other educational and academic exchanges and collaborative programs further deepen international engagement and cross-cultural dialogue. Together, these efforts propel higher education institutions towards a more globally integrated landscape, nurturing the development of well-rounded, culturally competent scholars prepared to address global challenges collaboratively.

Industry Institute MoUs:

  • Hosting workshops, conferences, and symposia where faculty and industry experts participate together.
  • Establishing facilities to continuously update the knowledge of professional engineers and technologists to align with industry growth and development.
  • Coordinating research and development efforts between academia and industry.
  • Providing professional consultancy services by our faculty to industries.
  • Delivering practical and pertinent knowledge and skills.
  • Inviting engineers from various industries to our institution for guest lectures.
  • Organizing industrial visits.
  • Facilitating collaborative hands-on workshops in partnership with industries.

Alumni Meet in San Jose, California, USA

Alumni Meet in Newark USA

Eight professors embarked on a visit to prestigious universities in the USA from September 20th to October 9th, 2023, for academic collaboration. They also organized an Alumni Meet in Newark on September 23rd, 2023, and another in San Jose, California, USA, on September 30th, 2023.

The goals of this agreement are to:

  • Increase student educational opportunities.
  • Foster collaboration between the two institutions.
  • Increase student interest in each institution.
  • Establish collegiality and communication among VVCE and UMassD faculty and administrators.
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Subject to the terms of this Agreement, both parties undertake to promote and develop academic and research cooperation as follows:

  1. Development of Collaborative Academic Programs (e.g., 4+1 programs, dual degree programs).
  2. Exchange of academic and administrative staff and students.
  3. Cooperation in research such as conducting joint research projects.
  4. Exchange of academic materials, publications and other scientific information.
  5. Collaboration and exchange of resources and staff in the area of library and other auxiliary services.
  6. Other educational and academic exchanges and collaborative programs.
Stevens Institute of Technology

The Institutions intend to work together to develop cooperative arrangements, whereby the Institutions may participate in collaborative activities that further enhance the respective educational missions of the Institutions, as well as the relationship between the Institutions.
⦁ Interaction of faculty, scholars and students between Institutions
⦁ Training opportunities of mutual interest that leverage the unique programmatic attributes of each institution.
⦁ Educational program partnerships
⦁ Joint development of curricula and academic projects
⦁ Collaboration in academic publications and other materials of mutual interest based on the afore-mentioned activities.

Northeastern University

Center of Excellence

Microsoft Center of Excellence

The Microsoft Center of Excellence for the Computer Science and Engineering department was established in collaboration with ICT in the year 2022-23.

Center of Excellence Amazon Web Services (AWS)

During the academic year 2023-24, the Center of Excellence for the Information Science and Engineering department, in partnership with ICT, centered its attention on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Honeywell Center of Excellence for Women

The “Honeywell Center of Excellence for Women” for the Computer Science and Engineering department was established in collaboration with ICT in the year 2022-23.

Academic Partnership – IITs

EventTraining PeriodTest Date
Training on HTML for III sem AIML 05th –25th February 202404th March 2024
Training on JavaScript for III sem ISE 05th –25th February 2024 04th March 2024
Training on Introduction to Computers for V sem Civil 05th –25th February 2024 06th March 2024
Training on HTML for III CSE 05th –25th February 202411th March 2024

PALS is an educational endeavor initiated by alumni from different IITs, overseen by the IIT Madras Alumni Charitable Trust (IITMACT), aimed at enhancing engineering education in colleges. IIT views PALS as a conduit for disseminating information on the latest advancements in engineering and technology, providing access to IIT resources, and engaging with faculty and students at PALS Partner Institutes.

Events conducted:
⦁ Three teams from CSE, ISE and CSE-AIML participated in Ultimate Hackathon Adventure – Capture the Flag (CTF) conducted jointly by PALS and Edith Cowan University, Australia on March 5th, 2024.
⦁ PALS in association with Edith Cowan University (ECU), Australia has conducted PECAN+ CTF (Capture the Flag) challenge in two phases. There were 40 teams from various institutes across India participated in the final CTF competition on 5th March 2024 at IIT, Madras campus. One team that is Dimanth, Shivakumar, Yeshwanth all are from AI&ML were participated from our institute and in the finals, they ranked 23rd out of 40 teams in the final evaluation.
⦁ Dr. Ramkrishna Hegde, Associate Professor, CSE was one of the panel members at the PALS ECU Cyber Edge Conclave 2024 held at IIT Madras Campus on March 6th.
⦁ Faculty members participated in FDP by the Teaching Learning Centre of IIT Madras in VIRTUAL MODE on the 26th, 27th and 28th of March.

Events Conducted under Corporate and International Affairs Committee.

Organized a “Honeywell Women Empowerment Program

The “Honeywell Center of Excellence for Women” organized a “Honeywell Women Empowerment Program” that lasted for 15 days, starting from December 1st to December 17th, 2022-23.

Faculty Development Program (FDP) on Microsoft Power BI

The Microsoft Center of Excellence hosted a Faculty Development Program (FDP) on Microsoft Power BI, lasting for 5 days from January 30th to February 3rd, 2023. This program empowered faculty members to explore data acquisition, modeling, and security through the analytical tool.

Microsoft Center of Excellence, a 5-day workshop on MS Power BI

As a component of the Microsoft Center of Excellence, a 5-day workshop on MS Power BI was organized for 50 students across different branches, particularly those in their fifth semester, spanning from April 10th to 17th 2023. The workshop’s practical approach proved highly advantageous for the students.

Capgemini Women Transformation Program on Advanced IT Skill Training

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, Mysuru, partnered with ICT Academy to organize an “Advanced IT Skill Training” program spanning 420 hours. The program took place from August 16th to October 31st, 2023-24, and was additionally acknowledged as the “Capgemini Women Transformation Program.”

Other Activities

  • Microsoft Code without Barriers:
    Microsoft is organizing a Women Empowerment initiative called “Code without Barriers,” focusing on AI, cloud, and data topics. Participants will take part in a 2–3-day AI challenge and a 1–2-hour Practical applied skill certification session. They have the option to choose between a free course (Option 1) or a paid course with a 50% discount (Option 2), which is voluntary. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate. Those who complete these requirements will be eligible to join a national-level online hackathon, either individually or as a team, set for the second week of May. Additionally, participants who obtain the certificate will receive priority consideration in upcoming placement drives. Students are encouraged to attend the placement drive scheduled from March 26th to March 28th, 2024.
  • Celonis Center of Excellence: Within the Celonis Center of Excellence, as a component of the AIML program, a group of 107 students from the 5th Semester have accomplished the “Fundamentals of Process Mining course” to attain the Technical Star Certificate. This course, consisting of three levels, is provided free of charge.
  • Honeywell Center of Excellence, Skill-Athon: Students from various academic backgrounds took part in the “Skill-Athon,” an online self-paced course focused on Robotics Process and Automation, within the Honeywell Center of Excellence.
  • Faculty Development Programs: Twenty-one faculty members have completed online Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) offered by ICT across a range of programs successfully.
Sl.Program NameDate
1AWS – Cloud Associate Training20/05/24- 24/05/24
2Microsoft Azure Training20/05/24- 24/05/24
3Five-day FDP on CybersecurityYet to be announced
4MOU with UiPath In progress
5Five-day FDP on “Building Information Modelling using AutoDesk RevitYet to be announced
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