Congratulations to Apoorva HR, who has secured 1 st rank in VTU with Seven Gold medals.

Apoorva H R (4VV16EE002) Alumni of Electrical and Electronics Engineering department
of Vidyavardhaka college of Engineering, has secured 1 st rank in VTU with seven gold
medals. She is the daughter of Mr Ramesh and Mrs Geetha, a proud daughter of agriculturist
family. Apoorva has secured 96% in SSLC and 93% in PUC. Due to COVID pandemic, final
semester of B.E had to be completed through online classes, she faced network issue as she
lived in rural area, but she overcame all these issues and achieved 1 st rank in VTU. VVCE
and Department of EEE is immensely proud of her achievement. Hearty congratulations to
Ms Apoorva

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