Statutory Committees

Grievance Redressal Cell / Internal Complaint Committee
Sl. No. Name Designation & Department Nominated as
1 Dr. G B Krishnappa Dean – R&D Coordinator
2 Dr. P S V Balaji Rao Prof. & HOD – MBA Member
3 Janhavi V Assoc. Prof. – CSE Member
4 Shilpa R Assoc. Prof. – ECE Member
5 Vinutha D C Assoc. Prof. – ISE Member
6 Dr. Khalid Imran Assoc. Prof. – ME Member
7 Praveen Kumara B M Asst. Prof. – ME Member
8 Prof. Girish P Asst.Prof -CV Member
9 Dr. Babu Rajendra Prasad Asst. Prof. – EEE Member
10 Mallesh M N Foreman – ME Member
11 Roopa M Foreman – ISE Member
12 Mahesh Instructor – Chem Member
Women’s Safety and Grievance Redressal Committee/ Anti Sexual Harassment Committee


Sl. No.NameDesignation & DepartmentNominated as
1Dr. Shobha ShankarProf. & HOD – EEECoordinator
2Dr. Sandhya Rani NAssoc. Prof. – PhysicsMember
3Radhika A DAsst. Prof. – CSEMember
4Vinutha D CAssoc. Prof. – ISEMember
5Geetha M NAsst. Prof. – ECEMember
6Y P MamathaAsst. Prof. – MEMember
7Kanmani S SAsst.Prof -CVMember
8H T ShwethaAsst. Prof. – MathsMember
9Dr. Kruthika PAsst. Prof. – MBAMember
10Roopa MForeman – ISEMember
11S V YamunaInstructor – MEMember
12KalpanaInstructor – ECEMember
13Kumuda NInstructor – ChemMember
14Ashwini SFDC, OfficeMember
15SunithaPeon, OfficeMember



  1. Report on awareness program organised by women’s safety and grivences redressal commitee on 2018
  2. Report on Awareness Programme organized by Women’s Safety and Grievances Redressal Committee for 1 st year students on 31 st August 2019
  3. The Womens’ Safety and Grievances Redressal Committee organized Self-Defense program for the women staff of VVCE on 24th August 2019
Anti-Ragging Committee


Sl. No.NameDesignation & DepartmentNominated as
1Dr. B Sadashive GowdaPrincipalChairperson
2Dr. H S DayanandaDean – Examination & HOD – CVMember
3Dr. G B KrishnappaDean – R&DMember
4Dr. D J RaviDean – AcademicsMember
5Dr. L J SudevDean – T&PMember
6Dr. A B RajendraProf. & HOD – ISEMember
7Dr. G V Naveen PrakashProf. & HOD – MEMember
8Dr. Shobha ShankarProf. & HOD – E E EMember
9Dr. Ravikumar VProf. & HOD – C S EMember
10Dr. Chandrashekar M PatilProf. & HOD – ECEMember
11Dr. P S V Balaji RaoProf. & HOD – M B AMember
12Dr. N BhaskarProf. & HOD – MathsMember
13Dr. Anitha SudhirProf. & HOD – ChemistryMember
14Dr. Divakara SProf. & HOD – Physics & SWOMember
15Prof. Roopa Priya J KTPO – TAPMember
16Prof. Girish PBoys Hostel WardenMember
17Dr. N Sandhya RaniGirls Hostel WardenMember
18Puttaswamy Gowda PPhysical Education DirectorMember
19Inspector of PoliceVijayanagara Police station, MysoreMember
20A few junior and senior students and Parents Member


Sl. No.NameDesignation & DepartmentNominated as
1N JayashankarAssoc. Prof. – MECoordinator
2Mahesh D PAssoc. Prof. – CVMember
3Jagadeesh BAsst. Prof. – ECEMember
4Chandini S BAsst. Prof. – ISEMember
5Lokesh CAsst. Prof. – EEMember
6Amitha C NFDC, OfficeMember

IQAC Members

Sl. No. Name Designation & Department Nominated as
1 Dr. B. Sadashive Gowda Princpal Chairperson
2 Dr. Vinay K B Assoc. Prof. Coordinator
3 Dr. G B Krishnappa Dean – R&D Member
4 Dr. Shobha Shankar Prof. & HOD – EEE Member
5 Dr. P S V Balaji Rao Prof. & HOD – MBA Member
6 Suchitra M Assoc. Professor – ECE Member
7 Mohd. Jalaluddin Assoc. Prof. – EEE Member
8 Dr. N Sandhya Rani Assoc. Prof. – Phy Member
9 D Khasim Vali Assoc. Prof. – CSE Member
10 Prashanth M V Asst. Prof. – ISE Member
11 Shivashankar R Asst. Prof. – ME Member
12 Anjan B K Asst. Prof. – CV Member
13 Sudheesh K V Asst. Prof. – ECE Member
14 Dr. Divya Rashmi Asst. Prof. – Maths Member
15 Srishaila Ramannavar Director, VVS Member
16 Dr. K V A Balaji Professor, SJCE, Mysuru Member
17 Ankit K Scientist, CMTI, Bengaluru Member
18 Venkatraman P V GM – HR, Kaynes Technology, Mysuru Member

IQAC Meeting Proceedings

  1. First Meeting Report 08-12-2018
  2. Second Meeting Report 17-12-2018
  3. Third Meeting Report 24-06-2019


  1. 5S Implementation
  2. Revised Apprisal

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