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About the Department

The Electronics & Communication Engineering program was started in the year 1997. The focus of the Department is to produce graduates with strong fundamentals in electronics and communication domain. The course is structured on outcome based education praradigm to help students to achieve the goals. The Department is the most sought after branch of engineering by top CET (conducted by Karnataka examination authority) rank holders. The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering with highly qualified staff is well equipped with centralized laboratories having the latest configurations and software tools.
The Department encourages students to develop hands on skills and for the same reason conducts workshops in Wipro Mission10x Technology Learning Center. The Department has initiated to set up e-Yantra Robotics Lab in association with IIT-Bombay.

Institute Vision:

VVCE shall be a leading Institution in Engineering and Management education enabling individuals for significant contribution to the society.

Institute Mission:

1. To provide the best teaching - learning environment through competent staff and excellent infrastructure
2. To inculcate professional ethics, leadership qualities, communication and entrepreneurial skills to meet the societal needs
3. To promote innovation through research and development
4. To strengthen industry-institute interaction for knowledge sharing 

Department Vision 

The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering shall excel in academics through quality education and research, producing value embedded professionals to serve the society.

Department Mission

1. To impart quality education through competent staff and excellent infrastructure.
2. To provide conducive environment for holistic personality development.
3. To encourage research in frontier areas for meeting the societal needs.
4. To nurture the spirit of entrepreneurial skills among  students

PEOs of the Department

Within a few years of Graduation in Electronics and Communication Engineering, our students will:
1. Professionally progress in Electronics, Communication and related areas with an orientation towards continuous learning.
2. Engage in research activities to enrich their knowledge and adapt themselves with changing technologies.
3. Exhibit technical and managerial competencies by involving in ethical and entrepreneurial activities. 

PSOs of the Department

1. Apply, Analyze, Design and Implement Electronic systems for given specifications and functions.
2. Apply effective techniques for Analysis and Design of Communication Systems

 Facilities for Students:

1.IEEE Students Chapter for Technical activities 

2. Sponsoring for Projects, Paper Presentations and Research. 

3. Well Stocked Departmental Library 

4. Internet Facility for Browsing Technical Journals 

5. Online Journals

Department Highlights:

1.Mr. Wasim Ahmed Ahengir secured first rank in Bachelor of Engineering from VTU in the academic year 2012-13.
2.Mr. Alfred Vivek D’Souza secured second rank in M.Tech – Signal Processing from VTU in the academic year 2014-15.
3.Ms. Pallavi J secured third rank in M.Tech – Signal Processing from VTU in the academic year 2014-15.