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About the Department

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering was established in the year 1997, right from the inception of the Institution. The objective of the Department is imparting quality technical education. The department is well equipped with good infrastructure such as latest computers, Laboratory Equipments, 10 Mbps leased line connection & Wi-Fi Internet connectivity and well qualified faculty members.
The academic programs of the Department are highly innovative and keenly sought after. The Department has trained more than a thousand engineers who have distinguished themselves as leading academicians, industry professionals, and entrepreneurs in several universities and industries in India and abroad.


The department of CS currently has 26 teaching staff and 8 technical staff, all of them with impressive academic accomplishments. The Department has faculties with their specialization in the field of networking & Internet Engg, Computer Networks, Information Technology, Software Engineering and Computer engineering. All faculties in the Department are  M.I.S.T.E members and all of them have participated in many number of workshops conducted at state level. 


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering shall create professionally competent and socially responsible engineers capable of working in global environment.


1. Promote best practices in teaching-learning, with dedicated staff and supportive infrastructure to create technically competent engineers.
2. Inculcate ethical and cultural values, communication and Entrepreneurial skills
3. Provide exposure of tools and technologies necessary to pursue higher education and research.
4. Improve Industry-Institute relationship for mutual benefit


At the end of the program students will be able to: 
Apply algorithmic principles and computer science theory to perform complexity analysis in the modeling and design of computer, computer networks and computer-based systems using appropriate tools and techniques.
Design efficient data models & databases for challenging applications.
Demonstrate proficiency in design, development and testing software applications to comply with system specifications.


After a few years of graduation, our students will be able to:
Perform successfully in various technical and managerial roles.
Communicate proficiently and work effectively in multi-disciplinary environments.
Adapt to technological advancements by engaging in continuous learning towards professional excellence.
Successfully pursue higher education and research in leading institutions.