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MBA (Ph.D)
Designation: Associate Professor [HR, Finance]
Experience: Total 15 Years [13 years teaching | 2 years in SAP Training]
Call: 7204004546


Research Interest / Consulting Area
HRM, Compensation and Reward Management, Emotional Intelligence, Performance Management, Learning and Development
An organized professional with proven teaching, guidance and counseling skills.   Have a strong track record in improving test scores and teaching effectively.  Ability to be a team player and resolve problems and diverge professionally.  Looking to contribute her knowledge and skills to enrich student abilities. Excellent teaching abilities and management skills and motivate students to maximum performance by encouraging a positive and energetic environment. She has been a visiting Faculty to a couple of management institutions and also presented in several seminars. She also guided more than 60 students in projects. She has published and presented more than 7 papers in the National and International Journals. She has attended many Seminars, Workshops and conferences conducted by reputed institutions in India and Organized Conferences, FDP’s and National, State Fests.
Research Interest:
Her area of research is Emotional Intelligence and its impact on job performance.  Many companies today are teetering on the edge of disaster. Excessive downsizing has created employees who find themselves overworked, underappreciated and constantly seesawing between exhaustion and fear. Competition in the workplace is fierce and many new recruits feel a need to turn to aggressive tactics to get ahead of their peers or risk falling behind. Business leaders are beginning to realize that such negative emotions among their employees are not healthy for the organization and its prospects for success. Many are seeking ways to turn negative emotions into positive, productive behavior. Research indicates a strong correlation between emotional intelligence and individual job performance. By emphasizing emotional intelligence in hiring and in teambuilding and training programs, senior management and human resources professionals can improve decision making, problem solving and the ability to cope with change among employees. Emotionally intelligent organizations maximize potential for business success and increase productivity because people in these organizations share more powerful connections. Organizations today must strive to become more emotionally intelligent. Their success indeed their very survival depends on it.